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aussiedude 31May2008 18:41

DoS attack help please
hey, im new to this stuff, i know the basic cmd.exe stuff with the net user n shutdown but i wanna know some denial of service attacks and how to do them....like a ping of death so if anyone could tell me how to do them (espically a ping of death) i would be very thankful

Darkness1337 31May2008 21:57

Re: DoS attack help please
some nice websites tha mite* help:

but thing is tho, tis jus toooo old...

gd luk :)

shabbir 1Jun2008 08:53

Re: DoS attack help please
Also see the following

Denail of Service (DoS)
Denail of Service (DoS)

aussiedude 1Jun2008 18:55

Re: DoS attack help please
thanks for that tho just two questions:
my max ping is 65500 whys that?
and how do i send a ping over that?
regards aussiedude

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