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aussiedude 31May2008 09:25

Hack windows user restrictions


In my other articles I have explained some things you can do the old school way, with cmd.exe, now if your not and administrator and/or you don't run cmd.exe as an administrator you will get this message.

System error 5 has occurred

Access is denied

Now as a hacker if you get a little message telling you Access is denied it is your duty to show it who is boss around here


Now to do this your gonna need a couple of tools of the trade, you should probably keep them close as they always seem to be pretty handy. First of all you'll need a disc bootable version of Linux or Unix which ever you prefer, i use Linux mint. Secondly you need to make sure this version of Linux has a command line interface and if it doesn't You will have to go get one for it.

Ok now you have got what you need to put your disc in and restart your target computer When it is booting press F12 or F8 (it can change from computer to computer) so you get the menu up that asks which drive you want to boot your computer off naturally you select the disc you have just put in their.

By now its booted and your running whatever version of Linux you choose now just simply run the Linux command line interface, sometimes it will be called bash, but i changes depending on what Linux you chose. Basically all you have to do now is type in the commands like before and hey presto. You should find that because some versions of Linux are so dodgy that they don't have the default restrictions that Windows does it simply lets you do whatever you want.

If it does stop you with restrictions remember, LINUX IS OPEN SOURCE, you can change it so it doesn't :lol: have fun. you should be able to look up the commands on the Internet. Id look on www.wikipedia.com because its got so much information on it and can feed u onto good sites

AD8 26Jul2011 18:04

Re: Hack windows user restrictions
What if i am unable to use excutable due to expansions made to that code?

adammarleymtts 26Jul2011 23:51

Re: Hack windows user restrictions
This is good idea. But what if it does not work?

Alex.Gabriel 26Oct2011 00:05

Re: Hack windows user restrictions
So i have to understand that this cant be made remotely right ?

Dbase Concepts 24Jan2012 21:59

Re: Hack windows user restrictions
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