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Linda48 31May2008 01:45

Run32.dll problems
Hello Everyone :happy:

A friend of mine is having a problem whenever she goes to use a certain programs or files she gets an error message saying that the Run32.dll file can't be found.. And she said she
can't upload, download or execute commands... I searched for help on my own but have had no luck so far and I only have a few hairs left.. lol Any help would be greatly appreciated ..
Thank You.

shabbir 31May2008 16:37

Re: Run32.dll problems
Moved to Windows forum for better responses.

Darkness1337 1Jun2008 01:16

Re: Run32.dll problems
try doin HijackThis scan
Registry Scan mayb

wa bout:
downloading run32dll : http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?run32
<from another computer>
put it into a flash drive!
if you can login to the computer without a problem then you can just plug in the flash drive and copy and paste Run32dll to its original location ;)

a got run32dll.exe hmm 8)

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