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faizulhaque 30May2008 16:26

Virus Through .Bat Coding
Download below and have fun but Remember Don't Use it on your on pc's



Happy Creaking

shabbir 30May2008 17:44

Re: Virus Through .Bat Coding
The second txt file link does not work.

Also are they your files.

faizulhaque 30May2008 18:23

Re: Virus Through .Bat Coding
not all are mine excepte some

but second link i really not mine it's my friend. alphasource is nick

after .com/

i must be work

shabbir 30May2008 22:01

Re: Virus Through .Bat Coding
That does not work.

faizulhaque 2Jun2008 09:07

Re: Virus Through .Bat Coding
Shabir link are not working of what?

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