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Mirey86 29May2008 12:50

Postbacks without JavaScript?

A search of the forums didn't find me quite what I was looking for, but my question is, is it possible to do a postback to the same page in ASP.NET without using JavaScript?

I'm building a "contact us" form, with different options available via dropdowns, and when someone chooses a dropdown, I want certain information and options on the page to change according to what they have chose (and if they decide to pick something else, I want it to change again, accordingly). I'm trying to avoid using client-side JS as much as possible because of the problems that occur if users have JS disabled, etc...
Could someone point me in the right general direction for this? I don't even know if it's possible. I've tried Googling around for examples, but the ones I've found so far all use JS to do what I'm trying to do.



shabbir 29May2008 13:39

Re: Postbacks without JavaScript?
Yes, It has nothing to do with ASP / its plain HTML and instead of giving the url of the form to some other page you can give the current page itself.

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