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faizulhaque 27May2008 14:04

Hack Google
Hi all,
Google Hacks (Tricks)

1-Trick "intitle:index of" :
1- open google.com
2- type in the search bar "intitle:index of"
3- beside the "intitle:index of" type ex : nero
4-click search and open the first page example and click on it and see whats happen

2-Trick inurl:"viewerframe?mode=refresh"
1-open google.com
2-type in the search bar inurl:"viewerframe?mode=refresh"
3-click on search .... VOILA u wil get a list of webcams in the world click on one and see what is happening

3-Trick intext:"UAA (MSB)" Lexmark -ext:Pdf
1-open google.com
2-type in the search bar intext:"UAA (MSB)" Lexmark -ext:Pdf
3-click on search .... VOILA list of printers click on one and u will see the informations about it and many more things

4-Trick inurl:/view/index.shtml
1-open google.com
2-type in the search bar inurl:/view/index.shtml
3-click on search .... VOILA a big list of ACTIVE webcams


Happy hacking

shabbir 27May2008 14:35

Re: Hack Google
I still work in Lexmark

faizulhaque 27May2008 17:45

Re: Hack Google
boss what is lexmark

would u update plz

shabbir 27May2008 21:33

Re: Hack Google
Lexmark is printer manufacturing company. see lexmark.com

faizulhaque 28May2008 10:42

Re: Hack Google
are u working as a developer?

shabbir 28May2008 16:38

Re: Hack Google

Originally Posted by faizulhaque
are u working as a developer?


faizulhaque 29May2008 11:52

Re: Hack Google
oh! nice Job U have.

faizulhaque 30May2008 16:13

Re: Hack Google
i found another thing related to Google Hacking which really informative for me found it is also for u or not


download it and Learn How to Do It

shabbir 30May2008 17:41

Re: Hack Google
Your PDF link redirects to the home page of freehostia.

faizulhaque 30May2008 18:16

Re: Hack Google
Wait I Will Fix It Just A Mint.

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