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Fraz_2008 13May2008 00:53

Hacking private forums
How do you hack into private forums on a site without having to be a private member?


SpOonWiZaRd 13May2008 13:17

Re: Hacking private forums
Look for vulnerabilities in the page's coding, some pages are vulnerable to css or java injections or even mysql injections, if its not then you can crack the username's password depending on the type of login the site has. Look for open ports, try to finger the server, you can use keyloggers onthe target user etc. There is alot of other methods that I don't even know about yet, but read up on things like SQL injections, Java Injections ans CSS. It will do you good.

Fraz_2008 13May2008 16:16

Re: Hacking private forums
Thats all too complicated for me. :embarasse

I know how keylogging works. But how can I keylog a system that I dont have access to? :confused:

Is it possible to keylog someone elses system over the network without them knowing? :confused:

faizulhaque 24May2008 18:32

Re: Hacking private forums
I Think Bust Key Loger Is Aramadex Key Loger Or Family Key Loger But

I Face Little Problem With It
When It's Lounch My Anti Varus Get The Trojens On It

I Donot Why It Happen But Another Problem It That All Key Loger Only Work On Administrative Prevellage Users, It The Victim Using User Account (not Power User) Key Loger Fail To Retrive The Info

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