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Kirk 12May2008 02:20

Advanced Autoclick Program
Hello :)

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'll give it a try :)

I'm not very much into programming, so what I'm about to ask for is not how to program it, but if someone knows if there allready is an existing program out there..

I'm looking for a program that can automatically click on something that I tell it to click on (like 10 times every second or something). This is not very hard to find, and there are lots of those available. But I want it to be able to click on this button X times per second, but also on another link every 20th minute..


- Click on button [A] 10 times per second.
- every 20th minute, go to button [B] and click on that (just one time).
- Button B leads to a page with a scroll-bar in it, and now I need to click on one of these options in the scroll bar (but not the same one 2 times in a row)
- After having clicked on one of the options, i need to click on button [C]

these steps are meant to repeat themselves over and over again..

Please tell me if there is a program which can do so, and also if I haven't descriped it understandable :)

Kirk 12May2008 04:02

Re: Advanced Autoclick Program
BTW - I almost forgot the most important thing..
The browser "jumps" up and down sometimes, so the buttons are not always placed the same time..

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