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bob20 22Jul2006 13:23

help [ASp]
hi guys im new here and i appreciate this site

well i have problem in my asp class
can you guys help me pls....its very important

how to search?

example i have textbox and a search button if i will click the search button it will display what i inputed in textbox.or the form will display.

pls.. guys help me

asp code with vbscript not asp.net


shabbir 22Jul2006 19:40

Re: help [ASp]
Just submit the form using a variable say

<form method="get" action="search.asp?do=ShowResults">

Now Depending on the content of the do variable either display the form or the results.
Code: ASP

if request.querystring("do") = "ShowResults" then
  'Show Results here
Show the form
end if

bob20 27Jul2006 06:58

Re: help [ASp]
thank you shabbir

how about poll?

yes/no option then when i click either of the two option the progress bar will update?
how to make this one?

thank you.....

do you have some tutorial in asp?

shabbir 27Jul2006 10:38

Re: help [ASp]
Which progress bar you are talking about?

Look at Begining ASP thread for some good ASP tutorials and links.

bob20 28Jul2006 05:19

Re: help [ASp]
what i mean is that an example of an onlinE POLLINg.

it has progress bar which determine the result of survey/poll.

shabbir 28Jul2006 10:50

Re: help [ASp]
The progress bar is just a 5-10 pixel image drawn with width equal to the value of the poll and nothing more.

Have a look at http://www.go4expert.com/poll.php?do...ults&pollid=12

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