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Gurjeet Singh Batth 8May2008 12:55

To Set Permission on USB Node "/Proc/Bus/Usb/bus-no/dev-no"
Hi all,
I am using CentOS 5 operating system. and trying to use a usb thermal printer.
This Printer works well if I log in as a root user, but I want to use it in non-root user mode. I have put this non root user in lp group also.
But No Success.

My printer uses usb port listed under /proc/bus/usb/bus-no/dev-no directory tree.
I want to set permission on it. [when I do it manually the printer starts working, but I don't want to do this in such way.] I need some automated way.

Also I found some techniques to set rules and permissions on usb port. but those techniques set the permission for /dev/bus/usb/bus-no/dev-no. and are of no use for me.

Please suggest me some good way to do so.

aceqbaceq 23Jan2009 23:23

Re: To Set Permission on USB Node "/Proc/Bus/Usb/bus-no/dev-no"
i had similar problem. fedora core 4. hp 1120 mfp. sane works only with root permissions.

i used two files from packet iscan.

first file

/etc/hotplug/iscan-device , permissions = 755, root, root




for script in $USB_SCRIPTS; do
    if [ -x $HOTPLUG_DIR/$TYPE/$script ]; then
 exec $HOTPLUG_DIR/$TYPE/$script

# Activate fallback settings
if [ "$ACTION" == add -a "$TYPE" == "usb" ]; then

second file

/etc/hotplug/iscan.usermap , permissions = 644, root, root



# Hewlett-Packard | HP LaserJet M1120 MFP
iscan-device 0x0003 0x03f0 0x5617 0x0000 0x0000 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00000000

in the second file actually important and individual for you is 0x03f0= Vendor_Id and 0x5617=Device_Id.

change it for yours. how determine?
# sane-find-scanner

what it does to me. it sets automatically permissions=666 to file

/proc/bus/usb/bus-no/dev-no - this file concern my scanner when scanner plugged. :) and as i have permissions 666 then i can run


as user. :)

hope this help.

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