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LonersRhapsody 3May2008 10:55

Hey, you guys!
:DHi guys!I'm just new here, and come from China,I'm learn C++ with a book called Accelerate C++,and i feel so confuse while learn it,cos i don't even can compile the source code with Dev-C++,and i have to say this book is very nice , i just got some diffcult point to understand, and i just come here for the purpose to go through the diffcult piont,also i can learn more than C++ concepts. :D
Waiting for your teaching....

shabbir 4May2008 11:41

Re: Hey, you guys!
Hi and welcome to G4EF

SpOonWiZaRd 6May2008 12:41

Re: Hey, you guys!
Good day and welcome to g4expert, hope you are gonna go4expert!

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