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soulemane 30Apr2008 15:35

digit reverse in C
All my greetings to everyone.
With a lot of respect to all members of this forum ,please i'm struggling since already many days to solve this problem.In fact how can we reverse a number (e.g 12345 to 54321)using only looping without array nor pointer or other advanced codes.Also for a number like 1000 it must be 1 inspites of 0001.
thank you for your support Assalam :thinking: :thinking:

SpOonWiZaRd 6May2008 12:37

Re: digit reverse in C
Hello!!!!!!!!!!! I do not know that but I am sure pradeep will know.

shabbir 6May2008 14:08

Re: digit reverse in C
Moved to C-C++ forum

asadullah.ansari 6May2008 14:30

Re: digit reverse in C
Here i am just giving you an idea. Solve it by making it efficient and accurate.


int nDigit=1,result=0;
for(int i=0; i<nDigit;++i)
  result = result+ n%10 +pow(10 , nDigit-i);
  n = n/10;

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