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yellowpages 30Apr2008 11:24

Can anyone help me?
I am new to the use of presentation software in the business line I donít know anything related to this. I heard that presentation software increases the affectivity of web conferencing. Is it true? Please help me in finding the best presentation software. I need a good appliance for this as it can help my business grow.

Your suggestions can make solve my problems.

Darkness1337 31May2008 23:02

Re: Can anyone help me?
erm meh they say it dus! it mite do ;)

wa bout:
MS powerpoint - its the most user friendly and simply the BEST... [thts wat i fink]
Flash - not tht user friendly but could run the presentation on a web browser
open office - has presentation software similar to MS powerpoint... this ones free tho :)

mayb this link:

lolz a hate doin presentations, a gotta do one on nano technology...ah tis hard! :p

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