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hanleyhansen 28Apr2008 04:01

Help With My Server Project
I have a server project that involves repurposing a windows-based NAS device to run an enterprise grade Linux (such as CgLinux or CentOS) and then make its storage accessible as an iSCSI target. Any ideas or suggestions on how I should go about it? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

hanleyhansen 4May2008 22:48

Re: Help With My Server Project
Ok so I have established that I am going to use SuSE Linux Enterprise 10. Now I have no clue on how to make it an iSCSI target. Can someone please help me by giving me some hints or directing me to something I can read that will teach me how to establish my NAS device as an iSCSI target then install an initiator on my Windows Server?

hanleyhansen 9May2008 19:49

Re: Help With My Server Project
I'm past that problem now. I was able to set up both the target and the initiator on a virtual PC and I set up the initiator on my host OS. Now I am ready for the real deal. These are the two NAS devices that I have to make accesible as iSCSI targets:

Maxtor MaxAttach 4300
Compaq Storageworks NAS S1000

However, I don't really understand the NAS architecture. Should I build a server and attach the devices or how does that work?

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