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mohit 17Jul2006 14:51

need C++ help ASAP!

culd u pls help me on writing input/output prgrms in C++ using stirngs? the error i get is tht mystr is not defined! pls help me soon

i m in deep trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(



shabbir 18Jul2006 23:59

Re: need C++ help ASAP!
Just define the variable properly.

mohit 19Jul2006 19:35

Re: need C++ help ASAP!
hey shabbir;

culd u expalin in more detail i m new to prgramming like culd u give me an example prgrm

thnx a lot


coderzone 20Jul2006 10:39

Re: need C++ help ASAP!
Paste your code and we will let you know how to rectify it.

wannamasterofc 27Dec2007 09:50

Re: need C++ help ASAP!
This is lakshmi.. I need to know how to approach to any problem .. M a freasher i really dont know wat to do when they assign me some work.. plz help me.......

shabbir 27Dec2007 18:16

Re: need C++ help ASAP!
There is no general solution to all problem or else we may loose our job :cryin:

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