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hanleyhansen 24Apr2008 19:59

Question About Linux Bootloader
I recently just filled up my hard drive and I am thinking of buying a new external hard drive. However, in the past I had a bad experience with the Linux boot loader because I wiped out Linux off my second internal hard drive then kept getting an error code when I tried booting to Windows regularly. It took me some time to realiza that all i had to do was format the MBR. So my question is if my booting will be affected if I put Linux on my new external hard drive that I might disconnect from time to time being that it is USB? Will I be able to boot to windows normally if my hard drive is not connected to the computer or will I get an error code from the boot loader?

SpOonWiZaRd 25Apr2008 13:07

Re: Question About Linux Bootloader
You will be able to boot up into grub and then you must select windows to boot up.

hanleyhansen 27Apr2008 23:05

Re: Question About Linux Bootloader
OK thanks!!

SpOonWiZaRd 29Apr2008 12:18

Re: Question About Linux Bootloader

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