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sampathkambar 23Apr2008 11:13

Mouse move

I hav created a dialog based application,which contains numerous owner draw controls( Buttons).Now i want them to be glowing when i move my mouse over those buttons.For example in media players.

Kindly help.


shabbir 23Apr2008 14:10

Re: Mouse move
Each control should have some option in the Paint method of there own to support such a glow method

sampathkambar 24Apr2008 09:10

Re: Mouse move
I am not getting any idea.
I am using OnDrawItem() in which i am loading bitmaps onto those controls.
Usually what method developers use to have such effect??


shabbir 24Apr2008 13:17

Re: Mouse move
You don't need to load the images each time you paint. When the control is created you can load the items into a member variable and draw accordingly in the OnDrawItem function

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