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sevenlayercookie 17Jul2006 00:12

Input/Output Hex
I'm trying to write a program that when a user enters something, a hex value is changed based on what they enter. Like header 400021c0 in abc.xyz is changed from 0C to 55 ,etc.
C/C++, Visual, whatever. Thanks

shabbir 17Jul2006 10:39

Re: Input/Output Hex
Can you give the code snippet you have used to do the same.

sevenlayercookie 17Jul2006 17:57

Re: Input/Output Hex
well... I haven't gotten that far yet :\. I'm trying to find some code that would LET me write/read hex from a file. Thanks.

shabbir 17Jul2006 18:49

Re: Input/Output Hex
Try writing a code to read from a file and HEX part wont be that difficult to integrate.

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