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hellsbunny 22Apr2008 06:07

myspace accounts
alright i am new to this forum and dont know if im goin over the edge here so if i am please be gentle.....

alright i want to know if there is a program or a fake login code to gain access into someone elses myspace account. if anyone can provided for me that would be great and very much appriciated. if you find it feel free to email me at egarcia9484@hotmail.com


SpOonWiZaRd 22Apr2008 12:19

Re: myspace accounts
I saw that myspace use javascript login so you can read up on javescript injections at this link for the basics http://www.patricktalmadge.com/2006/...ipt-injection/ and then I will email you a PDF file that explains SQL injections which will also come in handy at some sites.

hellsbunny 22Apr2008 18:26

Re: myspace accounts

thank you

SpOonWiZaRd 22Apr2008 19:44

Re: myspace accounts
My pleasure.

Gogs1983 29Apr2008 01:27

Re: myspace accounts
Just use a key logger much easier that trying any form of SQl or Scripting injection. Never tried any form of injection on myspace but my guess is that myspace is more than ready for a begginers attempt to "hack" it.

SpOonWiZaRd 29Apr2008 12:12

Re: myspace accounts
The thing with that is that a keylogger will be detected by anti-virus software as a potentially unwanted program and therefore will notify the user and remove the logger... But nice idea though.

Gogs1983 29Apr2008 20:11

Re: myspace accounts
i can only prosume that since its a myspce account and not the pentagon; the access computer that the key logger would be used on would have little in the way of proper (and i mean proper) protection. Maybe basic router firewall, Windows firewall and if they are lucky AVG or Norton (or similar). none particulaly hard to get a key logger past.

Gogs1983 29Apr2008 20:14

Re: myspace accounts
Further to my last post, if the computer that was being used to log into myspace was wireless - is it? - then you are laughing.

SpOonWiZaRd 6May2008 12:08

Re: myspace accounts
It doesn't matter if it connects wireless because the keys are logged on that local computer self and then emailed to you. That is why most anti-virus software will pick it up, but not everyone has anti-virus, my AVG picks up my keylogger and so does mcafee, almost every user here in south africa has anti-virus and thus i thought it might be the same there by you..

Rocksnipem 13May2008 23:26

Re: myspace accounts
The only logical and non-complicated way to do this is phishing the login page. Even now with anti phishing browsers that can tell if the site is a legit page or not, its still difficult to do unless you know what you are doing.

90% of the questions you have about hacking are going to be dead end if your initial request is "how to hack"

There is alot you need to read up on first before doing so, with that start at the basics and work your way up then form legitimate questions.

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