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yujiro1982 18Apr2008 08:10

Building a forum
im creating a website through a company call omnibuilder and im just wondering have anyone signed up for this, I want to create a forum for my website and im paying like over $200 a month and i am still not sure if a site like this is necessary in creating a forum.

My question for the forum creators

Do you pay over 200 a month to maintain a forum or do you pay for a cheap domain and create a forum from that point ? I made a very huge investment in this and Im like this close into cancelling to get my money back so i can put it towards something else?

shabbir 18Apr2008 10:33

Re: Building a forum
We don't pay but yes I invest my time in maintaining it and thats more than 200 bucks.

Why don't you sell your site out. We would definitely love to have a look at it,

Oufouf 17Jun2008 21:14

Re: Building a forum
I believe free hosted forums are a good thing. I know a lot of people who run very successful forums using these services. A lot of people don't even have websites but still manage to run a successful forum. Generally the admins don't even want to move from the service even when they get to >100,000 posts, they are happy all server management is done for them and the costs involved in running a large forum are handled by the main forum hosting company.

Just try it out on this host : free forum hosting

Hope this can help!

shabbir 20Jun2008 09:42

Re: Building a forum
Self promotion is against the guidelines of the forum

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