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Makaveli 15Apr2008 03:33

[MapleGeek]Recruiting Developers[Over 20,000 Members]
Before you start thinking "Oh, what-ever", just follow me along

MapleStory is an online MMORPG game that's pretty popular with the online gaming community..We own a private server for the game, but our developer barely cared..So we would like to recruit 1-4 Devs...Here is the application

Application for staffing.

Position: Developer


MapleGeek is in search of an experienced, talented programmer to assist the development team with editing, manipulating and debugging code.


Proficient C/C++ coding and design experience.
Good written communication skills.
Able to be regularly active and complete assigned projects within deadlines.
Team motivated and oriented.
Must be able to respond to direction in an appropriate manner.


Solid mathematical skills.
Java experience.
Forum moderation or administration experience.
Multilingual in written Spanish and/or Portugese.

If you think you've got what it takes to help out the most powerful MapleStory Private Server on the Internet, copy the fields below into a post and fill them out.

First Name:




MSN (optional):

Examples of experience:

Languages you can read and write:

The website is MapleGeek.com

Please, if you have the required fields, please contact me VIA MSN:


Thank you for your time,

Makaveli 15Apr2008 03:35

Re: [MapleGeek]Recruiting Developers[Over 20,000 Members]
Since I may not edit my posts..I forgot to mention that this is for free, since we do not charge for our game play, and this should be treated as a fun project..

shabbir 16Apr2008 11:40

Re: [MapleGeek]Recruiting Developers[Over 20,000 Members]
Moved to Job Offer forum

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