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Riker 12Jul2006 16:30

Need Help!
I have a program that is a MFC application which runs as a .exe I want to know how to edit the program. I have tried PE explorer and PVDasm. I just cant do it ;?

shabbir 12Jul2006 18:09

Re: Need Help!
If you dont have the source code its difficult to edit but in some cases the above tools are helpful but not in all cases. You can also try http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/

Riker 12Jul2006 18:44

Re: Need Help!
I have a line that says

000345C0 E9 03 03 04 07 00 00 00 54 6F 20 49 52 43 00 00 ι•••••••To IRC••

What does this mean?

shabbir 12Jul2006 19:26

Re: Need Help!
Where is that line.

Riker 12Jul2006 19:40

Re: Need Help!
Its the selected output method i think.

shabbir 13Jul2006 10:29

Re: Need Help!

Originally Posted by Riker
selected output method

I could not get what you meant by that.

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