www.go4expert.com has decided to support the open source projects mainly at sourceforge.net. What ever is the income of go4expert.com a part will be made towards funding the open source projects. I would like to keep the numbers only to us as that could lead to lots of unnecessary questions.

Here are the requirements for your project to qualify for Go4Expert's support

1. The project must have a website (Where we can contact you).
2. You must place an acknowledgment / list of each donation on your site.
3. Your project must be currently active and have produced a product.
4. Your product must be released under a free open source software license and this must be stated somewhere on your site.
5. You must have a PayPal address or PayPal service that donations can be sent to.

We have started with supporting DOxygen and soon we will be moving towards other sites to make the donations.

If you are involved by any means with any open source project and think that your site can qualify for donations do nominate your project for donation.

If you are looking to support the open source community through Go4Expert PM Me