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has anybody used blackle.com for their search? I have used it and found it to be pretty good...
At this rate if MS does buy yahoo down the line, we will have only 3 big companies MS, Oracle, and SAP
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Blackle, yeah I have used it when I got a mail about it...but whatsoever reason, no one can cahnge G i think
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You never know, G has a big market, but it takes seconds these days for a fire to start thanks to the media, blogs, youtube, etc etc...
People do fear that google has become so big that it might be an disadvantage for them rather then an advantage... And if this fire starts around some new or better search engine you never know, things may go ugly for Google...
Or if something (God forbid) to Larry and Sergie, someone else take over G, people maynot have faith in it then as they use to have..
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blackle is Google search only