i tried to go this weekend and i could not my first thought was the threat made agenst go4expert in the "HACKED XXxxImmortalxxXX" thread. but i thought this was unlikly, well guess not, lol. i am glade that the attack was mostly in vain. also did you turn the server logs and such in to the authorities? i really dont know to much about cyber crime but i think that Dos attacks are not allowed, in fact i am really sure they arnt. and also what makes your new server more secure? i ask because of two reassons. 1) curiosity lol^^, and 2)i am going to collage in the summer for internet security and investagation and i would like to know abit befor i go in so if you could tell me anything i would like that, but if for some reasson you dont think it is a good idea to let anything out about the magic server box, that is also fine.