If you happen to visit Go4Expert.com you would have seen that you are not able to browse go4expert.com this weekend for most of the time and the main reason was that there was a DDoS attack and as GoDaddy hosting firewall was not good enough we had to move the servers and so the time it took for deciding the new hosting as well as setting up the server was the main down time.

Also from the old server we managed to recover all the data and not even a single thread was deleted and thanks to whatever support GoDaddy could provide for free.

Now about the attack my personal opinion is it has something to do with the following thread.

HACKED XXxxImmortalxxXX

And also DDoS attack are considered violations of the IAB's Internet Proper Use Policy. They also commonly constitute violations of the laws of individual nations and we have give the necessary Apache logs and other ip related information to trace the attack down.

As of now we have moved to a more secured server which is less vulnerable to DDoS attack and more secured and hope this time round we would not need to anything like this again.

Check out the following Articles if you would like to know more about the attack.

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Enjoy using the site.