Go4Expert.com, an is currently looking for Community Leaders (aka moderators). We are looking for unique individuals who have a stong programming background, a desire to assist fellow members of the forums, ample time to spend in the forums on a daily basis, strong English communication skills, and a desire to be a part of the greatest web development community on the Net.

If you are interested, please PM me expressing your interest. Please include your username in these forums as well as background information about yourself, the forum section you'd like to moderate and finally why we should consider you to be a Community Leader.

We will be accepting and reviewing applications. Part of our selection criteria will involve your activities here in the forums, where we will check to see how much time you spend here, how much assistance you provide to others, your ability to communicate as well as the knowledge you have. Your overall ability to make these forums the #1 spot on the Internet for development discussions will ultimately decide who will become moderators.

Currently we are seeking Community Leaders for the following forums:

* C-C++
* Java
* Visual Basic [VB]
* Assembly language programming [ALP]
* MFC/Win32
* C#
* Scripting language [JavaScript, VBScript]
* Oracle
* SQL Server
* MS Access
* MySQL/Postgresql

Thank you for your interest.