It's easy to get rid of fake avs. 1. First log in into your account and open the Task Manaager before the fake av loads. You have to be fast because if the fake av load before you open the Tskmngr it will not let you open it anymore. 2. Now with the tskmngr open wait for the fk av to load, and as soon as it apears in the tskmngr right click the application and select go to process. 3. Now right click the process and select open file location, this should open the folder where the .exe for the fk av is located. (You might need to have the option for show hidden file on the folders options). 4. Now got back to the tskmngr and right click the process again and select end process tree this should kill the fk av. 5. Go back to the folder that opend earlier and delete the fk av's .exe (it usually has a random name eg. asdfer121.exe or something similer) also sometimes it the only .exe in the folder (again you might need to select the option to show extensions in the folder options).
I have removed several different variances of the fake antivirus, and when I ask the owners of the pcs what they use their pc for the answer is almost always Facebook Apps. I use this process a lot of times and been able to succeed, Try it at your own risk, I am not accountable if you break your computer MORE
Good Luck