We all use Google/Bing/Yahoo etc etc to search. It gives you millions of results for any query, out of which more then 90% are of no use. Right?

Here comes a new Search Engine(they don't call it a search engine though as it computes the answer on its own)
It gives you only one result!! Not only that, it claims that the result it not copied from somewhere but its own original! Thus it claims the right on it too!! Till now software vendors only claimed there software as copyrighted, but with this, not only the search engine but the output is also copyrighted!!

They are still working on it, but some of the results it shows is really awesome, (it won't work for every query, But hey it gives you a very good alternative when you want only one specific answer or you want to compare something!!

I checked http://www.go4expert.com
Here are the results!!

 Registered host information
organization                       THEPLANET.COM INTERNET SERVICES
location                                Houston,Texas,United StatesWeb statistics for all of go4expert.com
daily page views               ~~ 300000 
daily visitors                       ~~ 70000 
site rank                               ~~ 24633rd
domain online                   13/07/2004  (5 years ago)
(based on Alexa estimates, as of  July 31, 2009)

Webpage info
page title                             Programming and Web Development Forum
page size                             83.21 kB  (excluding images, stylesheets, etc.)
links from page                 294  (in HTML)
images on page                                96
forms on page                   6  (23 input fields)
And if you check the attached below graph, you'll see that the site has grown a lot in terms of its daily visitors. I think almost in an year we have increased around 25000 dailys visitors per day!! Which is really cool!!! Way to go shabbir!!

Ok here's another cool comparison i did!
http://www.go4expert.com http://www.google.com
Yup G4EF Against the Big G
Here are the results!!
                 http://www.go4expert.com/  http://www.google.com/
daily page views    ~~ 300000                ~~ 4.5 billion
daily visitors      ~~ 70000                 ~~ 500 million 
site rank           ~~ 24633rd                     1st
domain online       13/07/2004 (5 years ago) 15/09/1997  (12 years ago)
(based on Alexa estimates)
So try out the site, and if you hit some cool answers post it here, even we would like to see something intresting you found!!

Here are some interesting searches which will show you how unique this is!!
- click on show steps,
its soo cool!!

More about the site
^how to use the site - video

Have fun!

Off topic
                    http://www.go4expert.com/  http://www.google.com/
daily page views    ~~ 300000                ~~ 4.5 billion

Someday we'll hit billions too
What say shabbir ?
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