Cool but look at the code I just made...

I must tell you all that this code doesn't do what I want it to do.

I want to to where the user can find the answer to the percent problem no matter which 2 sets of number he or she starts with. and I want the program to figure this out and give the currant answer.
#include <iostream> 
using namespace std; 

int main()
// my variables

int base=0; 
int part=0; 
int rate=0; 

// my instruction

cout << "In oder to solve your percent problem you must enter in two ";
cout << "number values\n ";
cout << "Press Enter to continue";

// my set up

cout <<"Enter in the part number(such as the of statement)\n ";
cin >> part;
cout << "Enter in the base numeber( such as what the percent epuals to\n ";
cin >> base; 
cout <<"Enther in the rate number (such as the percent)\n ";
cin >> rate; 

// my options and functions 

if (part=0){
part = base * rate;
cout << "Your ansewer is"<< part << endl;
if (base=0){
base = part * rate * 100;
cout <<"Your ansewer is"<< base << endl;

if (rate=0){
rate = base / part; 
cout << "Your ansewer is "<< rate << endl;

return 0; 

any idea I know I'm close