ok well i through this together for yeah. i hope this is what you ment of not then just yell at me. i dont know if it is the lack of sleep on my part but i dont think you explaned your problem very well. so i tried. here yeah go.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(){

double firstNumber=0;
double secondNumber=0;
double percentage=0;

cout<<"ok you must enter two numbers...(if i understand this kid right lol.) the first being the number out of whatever. like 45 out of 100 for example.\n"<<endl;


cout<<"\n ok now enter the second number(the on that the first will be out of)\n"<<endl;


percentage = (firstNumber / secondNumber) * 100;

cout<<"so your percentage would be ... "<<percentage<<" %"<<endl;