I'm new to this forum, and hope this is a place that values it's new people. I hope to both learn form tutorials on C++ and to start programming under this Language. My gaol is to produce a very complex text base RPG game. To which these plans on how it suppose to look and feel are still kept secret.
I already understand a get deal about computers. It's my gaol to expand my knowledge, and go into a new area of the control of the PC.

Right now I have a bit of a problem on one program that I 'm working on.

I want to make a Percent solving program.
There is a simple formula to figure out percent problems
the part , base, and rate.

P = B * R
To find out the percent.
R = P/B

To find out the part.
p = B * R

to find out the base

b = p * r * 100 ( sense r is .1)

so I have a simple 10 out of 100 is 10%

I made a C++ program to id this formula.
This is very simple program.
#include <iostream>
using namespace std; 

int main()

// seting up my var
float p; 
float b;
float r; 

cout << "I want to show the percent formula, of base, part, and rate";
cout <<"form theses number.";
cout <<" 10 out of 100 is 10 percent\n"; 

// to find the Precent of numbers 10 form 100. 
p = 10; 
b = 100; 
r = (p/b)*100; 

// my output for the precent
cout <<"This is the rate:" << r <<"\n";

// To find the Part 

b = 100; 
r = .10; 
p = r * b; 

// my out put to the part

cout <<"This is the part:" << p << "\n";

// To find the base 
r = .10; 
p = 10; 

b = p * r * 100; 

// my output to base
cout << "This is the base:" << b << "\n";

return 0; 


So my problem is How do I make input and output all of this. as in the user could just type in 2 sets of numbers to have an answer form this formula of Rate, base or Part.

I'll will have a program ready for this but at a later time I want to see if any body here can figure it out first