Xp Secret

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XP contains a utility or may be a command ,which Microsoft does not allow normal users to know it. This utility control many advanced things about how xp works and used by the programmers for studying the software .

Can ny body tell me , what is the name of that Utility ??
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I think the link below will be useful to you and will provide what you are looking for.

Shabbir Bhimani
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i think you are looking for computer management
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Hi harsh_illusion,
there are two things that come in my minds. First of all (and the one I think you are talking about) is the register edition (regedit). This contains all the strings needed by the program to run programs. It contains many information about the program to be launched, the liscence... You can access it by running it (start/run/regedit)
The second is what suggested alok. The computer management can be found by right clicking on the workstation icone, and selecting manage. This is also a very powerfull tool.
However, I wouldn't suggest you to use any of these before you aquire a certain comprehension of these tools and of the operating system as they can both ruin the stability of your operating system and your computer application.
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I have no idea wtf u r speaking about!!!

Cant u be clear enough? >->
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This is funny...
I gave you all the information you needed:
Click on start
Click on run
Type Regedit
CLick ok

Search regedit on www.google.com to know what it is for and how to use it.

Right click on the icon "My Computer".
Click on Manage

Search "computer management" on www.google.com to know what it is and how to use it