put xp on netbook with linux

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Ive just purchased a netbook with linux but want to put XP on it because the people who are going to be using it are not familliar with linux (they have just learned how to use the basics of xp and to tell them they need to learn a new operating system would kill them lol).

The problem is im not sure how to take linux off and put xp on??? Ive tried putting in the XP disk and formatting the drive using the method which you would use to format XP but it shows a blue screen half way through the setup.

I did some research and found out that you can format linux by using a boot disk but the netbook does not have a floppy drive!

does anybody have any suggestions??? is it even possible to do this on a netbook???

your help would be very much appreciated
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Do u have a Windows XP installation CD/DVD?
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you can use the USB booitng method and format the drive..