Hi Shaikat,

Many Many thanks for ur response..I am really very very happy ..
Anyway i think u told me for the Linux environment but i am working only in windows and our development is on windows only.And i am using VC++ 6 and eclipse also for development.

And I have downloaded below things:

Because as per the instruction i need all these supported libraries for to work with libxml2 so i have downloaded.And according to the information i unziped all this and copied all the .lib files and .exe files from these folders into one folder and set the path to that folder .

And Now i wanted to know whatever i did is correct or wrong for windows environment.IF not correct then wht i need to do.
And another thing is i dont want to create the xml i have one string which is nothing but xml content.I just wanted to parse that string xml and get the values from the nodes .

Please guide me..i really need ur help to do this.