I use XForms to obtain a file path from the user and to write it on a local file:

HTML Code:
<xf:model  id="model1">
     <xf:submission  id="s01" method="put" action="file:output.xml" />
<xf:input  model="model1" ref="input">
     <xf:label>File path:</xf:label>
<xf:submit  submission="s01">
Here everything works correctly, but the path has to be written "by hand" inside the form.
What I need is the possibility to choose the file in the usual way, with a point and click.
I can do it with an usual form:

HTML Code:
<input  model="model1" ref="input" type="file" name="datafile" size="40 />
but in this way I cannot save the path on a local file...

Is it possible to get both things at the same time?
I.e. choose a local file from the GUI and save its path on a local text or XML file?
Either with XForms, classic forms or whatever...