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My account was hacked too. They took off my cabose727@aol.com live ID and replaced it with popits@hotmail.com. If anyone could help me or tell me what to do that would be great.
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Im having the exact same problem.Im not sure how he got my password and my login info. the hacker deleted my friends and chaanged my picture and he was playing halo wtf.I have called microsoft and they tried their best to help and they told me i needed the credit card number...thing is,is that its expired already so its goin to be hard to find. If someone could help it would be great.I am using a 1 month trial right now message me if u can help xaceshotx tzius. Im tellin the truth and at this point i seriousley dont know what to do..HEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPP
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it seems to me as if microsoft is knowing about all of theses account hacks and by the looks of it everyone is saying they wont help with all this information tells me that xbox really doesnt care

lol i know this wont happen but if we filed a class action lawsuite against them i beat they give it back lol but thats way to extreme for this matter.

Maybe be more assertive when talking to them and show them that you demand your account back if they say they cant give it back tell them more stuff to show how seriouse you are
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I am having the same issue with my Live Account. xhackedx123@live.com has my gamertag associated to it. Is there anyone that can advise or give assistance. I gave MS Support the last two prepaid subscription codes I used to prove ownership of the account and they tell me that it will take 1 -2 months to get it back.
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well XxximortalxxX it looks like you really started something here. *laugh*
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BTW i really love your

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Please help me i send you a private message.
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yea ok my account got hacked on october 4th 2008 i called microsoft they cant help they say (jerks) my old email on it was shawngn4@aim.com but the new one he made is mlgshawngn@live.com the gamertag was MLG shawngn i just want my account back please email me at shawngn6@aim.com or masterofhalogame@aim.com thank you
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My account was hacked too on Nov 2 and the gamertag was Arshdeep and he changed it to
cbr600racerf4 and when i reported it to xbox live they said they would send me an e-mail with a link to get my account back and after 2 weeks I called them and asked y they hadn't sent me the e-mail and they just said that they had already sent it and I immediately figured out that they sent the email to the hacker so now they said they wont do anything until I open that email. So plz can u help me.
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Unfortunately, live accounts can be very easy to hack, depending on how they're set up.
OK, everyone who is still trying to get their account back and doesn't think Microsoft will be able to do it, send me a PM. Include in that PM:
1. Your account info. NOT the old password, but the username and whatever other user details you think may be relevant.
2. Everything you know about the person that hijacked your account. I need anything and everything.
3. A way to contact you apart from these forums. Email is preferable, but I can work with IM.

I will not guarantee that I will be able to get your account back or that I will be able to respond to your request in a timely manner, since I will most likely work on these one at a time. What I can guarantee is that if I respond to your message, I will do everything I can within legal and ethical boundaries to fix the problem.