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hello guys i just found this website out because i been trying to figure out my xbox live account password i mean i can use the account freely but its been a while since i used it and i forgot all my credentials i still remeber the email i was wondering if anyone can help me get my password back if you could pm ill give you the info plz i would really like my password it would mean the world to me any help guys?
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Hello. My son's xbox live account was hacked. If anyone can help me, please send me a PM. Thanks. I have no idea how these things work.
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What utter nonsense is this... just go to gmail or hotmails recover password option but select the option I think my email account has been stolen, they will ask you a ton of security questions to verify your the genuine account holder for example what date did you create your account, when did you last access it, tell them the title of a recent message you sent or received ect ect and you will get it back