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k im sry i shoud have never said lier im very very sry plz forgive me its just that so many ppl ask us to hack this for them and say its there but seeing htat they know they cant hack it they get someone that can and try to trick us to send them there account details im very very sry please forgive me and just for my intrustion i will be glady to help you also i have a xbox live account add me as a freind if u wish

well imortal excuse me for my ignorance i kinda over did it im sorry but its not that i didn't call microsoft but they can't help me the kid changed all my account information plus the 4 digit code im not lying if you were to look at the orignal info and the new one you could tell but its either i have the 4 didgit pass or they don't help but if i can't axcess my account how am i going to ???? miccrosoft is wow i did some hacking myself i found out he lives in hickory, north carolina my gamertag that got hacked is AnGeIBeLoW in angei its an i not l found out his et is is it cmhimmelein@yahoo.com thats his yahoo thats also his windows live id i have his password also sorry i over did it ima pc u my email is khaisongarrett@gmail.com