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Yes, the CPU will look at the cache first, but if the item it wan't isn't there then that's only a cache miss. Looking in the cache for something that isn't there doesn't count as a cache hit. Determining whether or not something is in cache needs to be done for every memory read so there doesn't seem any point including this in the count.

I honestly have no idea if write through caching writes to cache and memory simultaneously or sequentially. That will significantly affect the timing so I would have thought this would be an obvious thing to mention. I guess it could be implemented either way; it depends on the design.

The hit ratio is only relevant where a cache hit means no access to main memory is made. If you have write through caching then every memory write is also a cache write so the hit ratio is zero or 100% depending how you want to look at it, as previously explained.

Did the lecturers explain why they didn't agree? I think I listed all possibilities.