Hello, my name is Chis, i am 22 years old, i am from Greece and i am a big fan of open world pc games. Last summer i was waiting to released Mafia 2 (one of the most epic open world pc games). But when i buy it i really disappointed. I was expecting something that it would give a lesson at GTA. From then i had an idea to make a pc game like GTA IV-Godfather. A game that will contain features from GTA series & Godfather, with a big city full of gangs and many many mores. And if it was possible i would like to make an online edition of this game. Where everything would be possible. I found many many people who trying to do same games (a GTA clone game), but i never told them anything about my idea (cause i haven't free time to spend). Now i have the time and i decided to make a team and make a game. I am searching for members to help me. I want 3D animators and programmers.As many as you can. I haven't a company to give you money but we can earn money from donate.
"As for me i am a beatmaker and an audio "expert".

Well, are you in?