Hi people,
I am doing a project for my college. I am doing the UI part using Win32 Api. I am learing wuite a lot from

various tutorials available on the net. I am through with most of the GUI but only get stuck when resizing of

controls is required. I have made a couple of mistakes and would like someone to help me out. I am putting my

code in the following site;Everything is in the Main.cpp file.


Its not going to be something major to program dude. Its only when I use the Show/ Hide Toolbar and Status bar from the View Menu that I get WM_SIZING Probelms. I am not able to handle them efficiently . Please help me

carry out this. Its just the WM_SIZING in the project. I wuold be very thank full. I am ready to return back

whatever help if necessary. I have a collectio of Win32 Ebooks and would love o share them with you guys too.

Thanks in Advance..