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in my opinion windows XP-2 is best operting system than anyother windows ..
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I like windows 7... however if you'll be just working online and no much local application to run then I suggest you use ubuntu as this is more resistant to virus.
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W7&FF is better
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it depends on your hardware, software specification and configuration and internet connection. OS like XP n 7 are much better. hopefully useful.
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Hey friends,

Thank you for yours valuable suggestion, The best Microsoft Windows operating system to use depends on what its intended use will be and who will be using it. There is no specific operating system which can be called "the best" overall, and since most current operating systems share most common and advanced features there is much debate on the topic. A few of the most popular operating system, their pros and cons, and some of their best uses are described below.

Thanks a lot again
Carly Fiorina