Hello frnd,
as u are saying that he uses cmd.Exe nd help dialog for browsing the internet,
there is no need to use cmd.Exe,
yes u can brwose the internet using help dialog,
there is one jugaad(trick) for this,
i explain how, basically microsoft windows' all help system is made up in html form nd u may know that for viewing html page u should have a browser,so microsoft window's (with mostly all component as callculater etc) all help system has a inbuilt browser,
sooo confusing!
Ok i show u how can we do this.
Open calculater(start->run->calc.Exe nd press ok)
now click help menu of calculater nd open help topic
when u open help then right click on menu bar of help(where cal plus or smthng like is written) now click on jump to url and enter the url address as http://www.Google.Com,
nd voila! Now ur help windos has been made ur browser
Note: don't forget to write http:// before the www.For any queries mail me
enjoy it