to clarify some important stuff i missed out:
  • this project is not at all meant for distribution/sales now or ever... its just some simple internal development/assignment that i'm trying out
  • software x is just an example.. as for this case i'm trying out on a third party software.
  • the idea is to see whether a windows service has those capabilities and to try them out...

The case that was given to me was this:
  • I have full access to a colleagues PC before giving it to him/her
  • There is a particular software that the colleague have to use. Say software X.
  • There is also a particular task that the colleague have to do. For example, the task is to text me on my cell.
  • Until the colleague completes that task, everytime he/her runs software X, a windows service will keep poping up a window every 30 mins asking him to call me.
  • If the colleague still doesnt text me after one month, then the service will change the license key of software X and kill software X.
    the service will backup the license key first.
  • after the colleague texts me, i'll give him/her a file that'll restore the orginal license key and permanently remove that service.

The so called "security" feature that i'm trying to implement is something local to the PC. No connection to LAN or internet.

I'm just wondering if windows service is able to do it. Of course it doesnt have to be bullet proof. I'm just experimenting on how extensive can a windows service (or any other better method) implement that feature. This is not a commercial project T_T It's just something i want to try out...

Any comments/advice is greatly appreciated