Hey guys,

My PC specs are as follow:

BIOS ver 2838,
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 CPU (CPU is also compatible),
Point of View Nvidia 9600 (Checked Nvidia's website and this card is compatible),
6 GB of RAM,
D975XBX2 (BadAxe2) Motherboard,
SATA Hard Drives 320GB (Two installed as IDE in BIOS non-RAID),
IDE DVD Writer Lightscribe 16x BenQ,
Onboard Sound Card,
Onboard NIC,
Original Windows 7 Professional DVD,

The problem is that I can boot up with the DVD, it then shows me on the screen:

"Windows is loading files" (With the loading bar at the bottom)

Then it shows:

"Starting windows"

Then I get a BSOD! What can it be if everything is compatabile? I checked everywhere but there isn't much info on the net about this problem. Please can anyone help me with this? Could it be my RAM? My HDD? My DVD Writer?

Thank you very much if you do reply.