I have a website about handmade craft tutorials...
I need someone who's know very good SEO to help understand what's wrong with the site.

I don't receiving Search traffic
I know about backlinks, where to promote them or anything like that.....

and take a look at a page ( one of 100) that I'm trying
to improve the most!
As you will see in this page i don't write anything, I'm just using images, and the keywords I'm
chasing are in <h1> tags, titles, alt images and links! handmade-craft-free-tutorials.weebly.com/blue-orchid-beading-tutorials
1) I am asking you isn't stupid seeing the keywords or they have a harmony in this page? isn't good for my SEO status? As a friendly website?

( my goal is to make money with adsense and I have started good but still i must increase traffic and make my website more comfortable to people)

Hope someone can help me....