Hello Salem/shabbir , the problem is that I haven't text book for study. I am Spanish and the only book I have been told to buy is the one writed by "Kernich"(may be wrong writed, I don't remember the exact name). But that book isn't in Spanish language, and I have considered ordering it in English, but I'm afraid of missunderstand some words leading me to important missconceptions.

Another think I'm interested in is that, as far as I know, matrixes are declared as, for example a matrix of inttegers:
int mat[10][20]
; But I have some problems linking that way of declarations with the pointers way. I thing that
 int *p=&mat
. But if am referring to the pointer which contents the adress of
, what kind of pointer is? I mean , (kind of pointer)
. Also I have a second question: I think I could 'make' a matrix using those pointers, but I think that a matrix and a pointer to pointer of (kind of data) aren't the same thing, unlike what people and internet manuals usually say, because when I declare the matrix, I save a size of memory for my matrix, but if I do that with pointers...................┐Could their adress get mixed with other one's and give me problems?
Note: The only solve I find is doing malloc when declaring the pointer. If I do that, can I assure that those pointer to pointers are exactly the same than matrixes?

Thanks a lot, you help me so much...