I have been trying to learn about ethical hacking and security from last 4-5 months. So far I am unable make any remarkable mark due to lake of practical training. I do not have computer background. I know a bit of html and no other programming language.
I have also thought of preparing for security + exam and had gone through some of the books. But again no experience in this field I am unable to make any progress. I forgot to mention, I got a job in data security field where my job is to classification of data. Its moreover clerk kind of job where only documentations are required J.
I downloaded backtrack5, ubuntu and tor etc many other things in my laptop. Read many tutorials on net. I have many questions which you might find nave,
- Which programming language should I start?
Any programming language will take minimum 6 months for average knowledge.
- How much we can do with or without backtrack in hacking?
- Which book or tutorial should I follow?
- Penetration testing, ethical hacking, forensic experts etc. what is the difference between them and which one should I start learning with.
- Free hacking lab
- Is there any free course or reasonable online courses available where I can be a part of newbies and learn together
I will be grateful for ur inputs and help.