THC Hydra, Airodump, aircrack, aireplay, and SATAN and SAINT all work on linux, and those are all of the best hacking tools, not only that, linux is up to a very high degree basically immune to virusses and not only that, it is a very customizable OS, did you ever try kubuntu, not ubuntu but jubuntu, that OS had all my drivers for my laptop, I made a partition one for windows and one for linux, linux is the smaller partition. It had my ATI X700, Bluetooth, wireless, PCMCIA, USB and all the drivers for any device I stuck in there. I use alot of my tools on windows but the best of them all with the most functionality works only on linux but with very good results. For beginners linux is difficult to understand but once you have it gripped its worth it! Ask anyone here about THC Hydra, that is a very very very powerful cracking tool.